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In your role as a parent, working with a coach is invaluable when:

  • you need a sounding board to help you make difficult decisions for yourself or for/with your child(ren).

  • your path is made difficult by your or your child's anxiety, depression or other health issues.

  • you are having a prolonged "worst parent in the world" moment. 

  • home feels like a battleground or a place of silent warfare.

In life, having a coach is invaluable when:

  • you have one or more potentially life changing decisions to make. 

  • you feel 'stuck' in general or in a specific role you play.

  • you want to change something but you don’t know where to start.

  • you are dealing with a particularly difficult relationship and need to work through how to approach the issue.

As a leader having a coach is invaluable when:​

  • you are facing a significant career turn or change.

  • you want to increase your decision making capacity and skill as a leader.

  • leading or managing people is the biggest challenge you or your company have identified for you.

  • you are leading a large change initiative and need a sounding board.

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