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fundamentally influence 
current and future generations 
and ultimately, 
the world in which we live. 

Who you are will be

how you parent. 

It is worth investing 

in who you are 

and want to be. 


2021 dates to be confirmed





Parenting is arguably our most significant and complex role as adults, yet, on the whole, we think we should know what to do and sources of insight and guidance are not easily accessible. 

In contrast, leaders and individuals have access to relevant information, up to date research, and skills development, through workshops, seminars, conferences, coaching and professional bodies, within their respective fields of work. They are able to stay current, develop skills and personal effectiveness, continuously growing their knowledge and network. 

Exploring Parenting aims to radically shift your experience and expectations and to find your own way as a parent in an informal, contained and interactive process. 

The sessions aim to help you:


  • Clarify your beliefs, expectations and impact as a parent 

  • Articulate who you want to be(come) for yourself and those you care for 

  • Understand what may be getting in the way

  • Strengthen the tools and skills you need 

  • Connect with and gain insight from other parents


For enquiries contact:  


Phets profile .jpeg

I am a wife, mother, coach and consultant.

I have two children, my eldest my daughter, born into the world premature and in my eyes continued to be fragile. Watched in amazement as she blossomed into a vibrant energetic force. I am learning to embrace what she is becoming. The youngest, a boy, roared affectionately into the world charging vigorously often not in the direction I see fit or see appropriate. I am learning to observe him and figure out how best to influence his winds. Being a mother to both of them has challenged me because I don't always know what the best course of action needs to be.

I am a PCC certified integral coach through New Ventures West (NVW) and University of Cape Town (UCT)’s Centre for Coaching (CfC). I also completed the Alchemy Art and Science of co-facilitation in February 2017 and have been formally involved in coaching since 2015 when she enrolled on the Associate Coaching Course.

I hold a BA degree in Social Science (Industrial Psychology & Psychology) (UKZN); MBA (Durham); Diploma Project Management (Damelin).

I have over 19 years working experience in the development finance industry and operational experience with credit and insurance products targeted at lower-income markets, small and micro enterprises and the agricultural sector. I worked for DAI, a global development consulting company, on various assignments in Africa.

Coaching for me has facilitated a beautiful transformation strongly encouraged by my husband, his love and support has enabled my transition.’

Phetsile Dlamini

Fiona profile.jpeg

I am the mother of two children, both of whom have, through nature and nurture, had very challenging childhoods, the impact of which has been exacerbated by the transition to adulthood. The upside of this is that we have grown in our understanding of health, including mental health, success and success through failure and have access to a wide network of support. This is without a doubt the most complex role I have fulfilled.

My formal employment includes 30 years in the Corporate world, predominantly in the leadership of business teams as part of an Executive. I was fortunate to work for organisations in which Talent Development was a key priority, which naturally lead me into Coaching. My initial focus was on Executive and Life Coaching which I continue to enjoy however, my passion is working with Parents. 

I have  degree in Industrial Psychology and Industrial Sociology through the University of Cape Town.  In 2016 I completed the Associate Coaching Certification (ACC) through the Centre for Coaching and New Ventures West in Geneva and I am currently working towards my PCC integral coaching certificate.

My focus now is parent, life and leadership coaching; through the coaching process, one is able to access the knowledge, capability and strength needed to take on the opportunities and challenges that life invariably presents.

Fiona Fewell

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